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BKT Gaming is a leading Gaming Team known for a pure dedication to gaming and virtual competition. Check out our site to learn what we’re all about, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.


All About Us

More than just a competitive Gaming Team, BKT Gaming is a community of professional gamers and eSports fans. What began as a group of friends competing online evolved into a leading Gaming Team with the support of reputable sponsors and affiliated organizations.

While coming from diverse backgrounds, the players of BKT Gaming are driven by common pursuits; a passion for gaming, a thirst for competition and a desire to share our excitement and experiences. Contact us today to learn more.

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The Roster

Meet Our Players




No matter what is thrown at us during competition, Drew Carlyle is always there to keep our team on track. With impeccable skill and natural talent, there isn’t a better Assistant Captain to fit in our team.



With a mind for strategy, Ash Marcus makes every game an exciting one. Once chosen as the team’s Coach, we saw a surge in success and couldn’t be prouder of the job they’re doing.


Coach & Co-founder

First-rate skills and predictive ability make Charlie McMann a valuable asset for the team. BKT Gaming wouldn’t have achieved such success if it weren’t for our talented Captain.


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